The year 2020 is nearly over, and the sun is waking from its slumber. Here are a few shots aquired during Decmeber 2020.
Obviously to view, or snap piccies of the sun, mandatory and necessary filtering is required. the filtering used for these are specialised Ha Solar Filters. It is a filter that blocks about 95% of the suns glarey light and then also filters a specific frequency of light so that only a particluar wavelength passes through to the camera. 656nm to be exact.
This tunes in very closely to the effects of burning hydrogen.
Primarily what the sun does.

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This Flare was raging
the day of 12 December 2020
the distance these protrude out from the suns surface is well over 15,000km
This Flare is so large that it created its own mushroom cloud that extended over 25,000km
Captured 14th Dec 2020
Sun Spot activity aquired morning of 26th December 2020.
that bigger one is larger than planet Earth and would swallow it whole.
Full Sun Captured
with Ha Filter
Full Sun Captured
with white Light Filter
A series of flares
17th December 2020
Sunspot shot in IR - (InfraRed)
These prominance flares
captured on 6th January 2021.
The distance these protrude out from the suns surface is also well over 20,000km
Flares Animation
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