The Horse head Nebula is indeed a spectacular object to see. It is also a challenge to photograph as it is a very dark nebula residing near a very bright star in the constellation of Orion, (the "Big Dipper" or "Kettle" as commonly refered to). What also makes this a very welcoming site, is the presence of the Flame Nebula as its closest neighbour next to the same star of Alnitak. With the correct combination of lenses, (telescope or camera), both these can be captured at the same time. The Orion Nebula - M42 is actually in the central looking star as part of Orion's sword. This Horse head nebula - IC 434, is found right next to the star Alnitak in Orions belt. An example of the location of each is shown in the Orion Constellation Map.
Orion Constellation Map
Horse Head and Flame Nebula
This was captured the same evening of the better zoom shot
28th December 2019 @ 3:27am
Very first attempt at this nebula
in zoom mode.
Still learning and thought this was good, but wanted much better quality
Shot 22nd April 2019 @ 9:40pm
More recent attempt. It certainly makes a diffence when you learn how to get more out of the camera, and process the images better.
28th December 2019 @ 3:27am
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