Full Moon -
Captured 27th April 2021 on my
Skywatcher 12" Dobsonian scope,
through the ZWO asi183MC Camera.
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3D Full Moon Crater Mapping
This is a multi photo Mosaic of the full Moon.
My intention was to get a complete 3D map of the moon.
This is the biggest and most frustrating astro project that I have ever assembled.
At this level of zoom I discovered that the moons face actually "wobbles" visually between each phase. And in case it was me imagining this phenomenon, I Googled - “Does the moon wobble”.
It sure does. The short video clip provided, courtesy of NASA, demonstrates this.
No wonder I was having trouble aligning each capture.
Having tried many software programs, using their stitching, and photo merging functions,
to create a final complete picture, they could not successfully do the job.
Hence the tedious, major task of having to blend the differences in geometric shape,
and size of the moons features manually in PS5. It took over 230 accumulated hours to complete.
The image was aquired by photographing segments of each of the first 13 Luna phases
from new moon, to full moon. A total of 1530 individual photos were used to create the resulting mosaic.

This is only a 25% scale of its actual physical size. The full size image is over 2Gb which had to be reduced to 1.9Gb in order for different apps to be able to handle the data size. The photo provided here is a highly compressed version down to 11mb in size for web practicallity and handling. The original file will allow printing to achieve a 19metre diameter moon without any degradation of feature quality.

The quality of this image, has been maintained to the best of my ability during compression. The overlaid water marks are there for IPP.
If you would like a print of this picture, you are welcome to message me via my FaceBook site - "grayskies," for size and pricing. Obviously prints wont be watermarked like this one.
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Moon Wobble animation
3D Moon Crater mapping